About Us

With backgrounds in dance, yoga, and a decade of small business experience, Angelica Daniele knew that movement and feeling good in her own body were two joys she wanted others to experience--she just needed the right vessel to do it. While Angelica was living in Baltimore she sought cross training for her dance career, and landed on the Original Hot Yoga method. She now teaches this and several other styles of yoga in addition to performing. After 25+ years in the arts and fitness industries, she's knows this product is meant for movers of all forms, and perfect for athletes who love to sweat!  Angelica now manages community events and trainings and teaches at Yoga Factory, Radiant Activewear’s home! She is thrilled to use Radiant Activewear’s as a platform for connecting the yoga community and beyond
...because we all deserve to SHINE! Let's connect in comfort and sweat with style together!